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Tina Haber

“Zimmerbilder” – interior painting in the moving image: a changing world.

Nicole Wendel

In november 2017 time for drawing performances

Alex Bodea

September 2017: a flaneur developing a code for visual notes, poetry, and performance.

Hanna Nitsch

Emotion Codes for May and June, 2017

Robert Seidel

New Year 2017 starts with light drawings: laser drawings in the landscape

Kristinn Hardarsson

the icelandic storyteller on Lines Fiction in july 2016

Chris Doyle

first position in 2016 January / February

Volker Saul

December 2015 on Lines Fiction

Carolin Jörg and Michael Fragstein

together developed the project “Second Glance”: Drawing and Augmented Reality

Eelco Brand

September 2015 : Eelco Brand with moving paintings