Karin Hochstatter

Karin Hochstatter The film animations resemble musical sequences or rhythms. I compose, build, and draw with overlays of material, light, and sounds. Digital and analog experimentation are equally important to me. Immersion in the temporal dimension, not narration. The work

Serena Ferrario

Serena Ferrario Everything I have done and which films are in my archive is stored in me – sometimes I go through sketchbooks and suddenly find an older approach exciting again and try to relate it to current approaches. If


Parallel zur Ausstellung “Anonyme Zeichner 2022″ eröffnet das Projekt LINES FICTIONin der Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlinein Filmscreening mit ANIMATIONEN und ZEICHENTRICKFILMEN in einer vierstündigen Filmrolle. Alle Künstlerinnen und Künstler haben sich in einem OPEN CALL auf linesfiction.de angemeldet. Es gab keine

Janssen ANIMIERT 2021 | 2022

Opening October 15, 2021 (photos: Julie Hayward) 16. Oktober 2021 bis 16. Januar 20225 Positionen | 5 FilmeMatthias Beckmann | Aline Helmcke | Petra Lottje | Bettina Munk | Norbert TrummerZeichnung & AnimationHorst Janssen Museum Oldenburg mehr über die Ausstellung…

Nikolaus Gansterer

Nikolaus Gansterer I experience my artworks more like communicating vessels. There is a lively exchange between the installations, the sketches and performances, my drawings, whether large or small, the animated films or even the writing of a text, animating each

Lara Faroqhi

Lara Faroqhi Lara Faroqhi: The film describes many things that have been present in other works. Four Steps is about movement, about walking (the word passacaglia comes from the Spanish term “pasear por la calle“, which means “to walk through

DVD Lines Fiction in the Hamburger Kunsthalle

Drawing Rooms 2017 You can ✶easily✶ get the DVD! Online or straight in the Museumsshop Hamburger Kunsthalle

Jakob Kirchheim

Jakob Kirchheim The first Lino film was created in 1987, my last year at the academy of arts in Berlin where I studied painting. I experimented a lot with Super 8 mm, I wanted to mount my paintings together with

Petra Lottje

Petra Lottje I started to draw in form of one line at a stretch during my studies, exploring “l’écriture automatique”, so called automatic writing. At that time I wrote a whole series of texts without punctuation marks and capital letters,

Betina Kuntzsch

Betina Kuntzsch I apply high-end-programs to create some very plain moving images. A short line that multiplies, and starts moving, transferring the movement to other lines in other time-delayed areas.Even here, I play with random outcome – some results I