Simona Koch

In my experience scientists indeed can be interested in an exchange with artists. Both fields are very different and can inspire each other. Scientist are working within a framework of rules and have to proof the hypothesis they make up

David Mackintosh

I make all of my work very quickly, each drawing is made in seconds. I make a lot on A1 paper each time I work, and throw the bad ones away. The drawings that work best are those that have

Sandra Boeschenstein

Yes, the drift of meaning is central. Therefore drawing in its medial pureness is most suitable. Lines exist without ballast and they are versatile, changing the system without rupture is their strength. From the same stroke I can form binoculars

Jorn Ebner

By asking users or viewers to interact, the work of art creates a certain intimacy. The individual is engaged in a process that to me is quite similar to reading a book. The new technologies enable this interactivity and through

Miodrag Manojlovic

My animations don’t contain any predefined message. I rather include the visitors to actively participate in the experience and interpretation. Although I have an idea of what I work on, I still don’t want my animation to develop into one

Juliane Ebner

I was lucky to see the decline of the suppressing social order that was strong when I was born. And to this day this downfall for me is a great and formative experience that doesn’t lose its power and attraction.

Daniela Ehemann

Animation for me is another time capsula, in reference to video or film as time based media. Similar to my drawings on paper, the line develops step by step into space, trying to gain reality. Reality, in this case, is

Gabriela Oberkofler

Yes I would say my artistic concept of “going local” is rooted in my biography. You have to imagine that I grew up in an atmosphere of nature as a great spectacle in the middle of the Dolomite Alps, being

Gagan Singh

For the beginning of 2014 presenting a drawing performance from New Delhi, India I saw conflict, I always saw conflict in sitting in my studio and drawing as something boring. Now what this boring is, could again be opened up

Peter Radelfinger

The rough, the banal, and the mundane always attracted me. It makes me happy that animations fuel the funny and comical aspects. These animations arise from an abundance of notes and small drawings.