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Networks :: Performance & Drawing

Performance Stills - Nicole Wendel, Katja Pudor, Stella Geppert

Lines Fiction did an interview with Stella Geppert, Katja Pudor, and Nicole Wendel about Performance & Drawing.


What does Drawing & Animation have to do with Performance & Drawing? Simply put,
it’s the moving image that expands or complements the process of drawing. It might be the artistic practice to transform a drawing on paper into a procedural state through another medium or process.

However, performance and the moving image in film fundamentally differ.

When Albert Einstein opened the
7th Deutsche Funkaustellung (German Radio Exhibition) at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds in 1930, he stood in front of an audience at the microphone and began with the words:

“Dear present and absent ones.”

With this, he subtly highlighted the essential difference that equally distinguishes a performance from a cinematic recording. The people with whom you share a manageable space, essentially receive the same information as those, who receive a recording of the information. – However, the present ones in 1930 felt the same gusty wind on their faces as the speaker did, and who can say whether the absent ones are really moving in the same orbit? Or did Einstein also address those who would hear his recorded speech on Earth in the future and as radio waves in the distant universe?


Berlin has a major scene of draftsmen and draftswomen, including three female artists who combine their drawing with performance.

In an interview with Stella Geppert, Katja Pudor, and Nicole Wendel we explore the phenomena of presence, the physicality in a performance, the allure of the moment, the unpredictable, and finally, how to deal with the disappearance of the moment through recording, and what remains as a result.

As we talked, we realized that something of what makes a staging so appealing and immediate can’t really be put into words: the effect on the psyche, perhaps, which is what makes witnessing a performance particularly special.

On Performance & Drawing

Networks :: Aline Helmcke

Aöine Helmcke

Lines Fiction is not the only network where artists come together to present their drawings & animations online. Aline Helmcke has also launched a networked project in which she focuses on selected examples to investigate how hand drawings turn into moving images.

With her own animations Aline has been part of Lines Fiction for a long time, now she presents her new project here: on motion-drawing

Roots :: Frieder Nake

Frieder Nake
Frieder Nake 2019 DAM Gallery Berlin

Back to the roots means into the future.
In the beginning of our series we introduce Frieder Nake artist and computer scientist. Educated in mathematics, he showed his computer graphics in one of the first exhibitions of algorithmic art worldwide. Since the 1970th he is a professor for graphic data and interactive systems at the university of Bremen. He presented his art in the Kunsthalle Bremen in 2004, in ZKM Karlsruhe in 2005, and in the DAM gallery in Berlin. Frieder Nake lives in Bremen.

His motto is
Think images, don’t make them

What that means he’s telling in a long interview
about Algorithmic Art