Betina Kuntzsch

I apply high-end-programs to create some very plain moving images. A short line that multiplies, and starts moving, transferring the movement to other lines in other time-delayed areas.
Even here, I play with random outcome – some results I keep, others I delete, as if I would work with pen on paper.
Sometimes I draw on a graphic tablet, using an electronic pen.
The gestural expression is important here, I can use it for a motion path. I can animate the drawing, morph it, let it disappear. I also can simulate drawings, applying a computer program that is intended for simulating snow, smoke, or fire works.
I exposed stills of the animation on copper plates for classical gravur printing.
In these photogravures I again pick up the theme of phantom images. I‘m interested in linking media, like paper with moving image, gravure with video still and so on.