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Betina Kuntzsch

I apply high-end-programs to create some very plain moving images. A short line that multiplies, and starts moving, transferring the movement to other lines in other time-delayed areas. Even here, I play with random outcome – some results I keep,

Robert Seidel

While my residency at Epicenter Projects in California I was challenging myself to use the desert and canyons in the San Andreas Fault area as my drawing surface. Laser technology is used there for land survey and earthquake detection, so

Chris Doyle

Watercolor has always been the way that I have worked out ideas. And I have always liked making them very large. It is a way of drawing that we think of as delicate and intimate, which I think in part

Carolin Jörg and Michael Fragstein

together developed the project “Second Glance”: Drawing and Augmented Reality We previously made first drafts and animation concepts to find the shape that could stand on paper, as well as offering new levels for the animation. The working practice was

Eelco Brand

Besides the sketches for animation works I now and then make pencil drawings as autonomous works. I started as a painter and during all these years of working on computers I somehow miss the real handwork and look for ways

Simona Koch

In my experience scientists indeed can be interested in an exchange with artists. Both fields are very different and can inspire each other. Scientist are working within a framework of rules and have to proof the hypothesis they make up

Jorn Ebner

By asking users or viewers to interact, the work of art creates a certain intimacy. The individual is engaged in a process that to me is quite similar to reading a book. The new technologies enable this interactivity and through

Aline Helmcke

During my studies at the UdK I was totally into drawing, trying to expand the limits of the medium. I was very much interested in finding out more about the process of drawing and ways to capture and depict it,

Bettina Munk

The concept is based on chance in an artistic tradition of John Cage. I am very fond of his conception of art and compostion. His ideas refer to the I Ging and Eastern philosophy, while my work is inspired by

Simon Faithfull

I started using a mouse and computer to make simple diagrams for various project and proposals. Though using a computer as a crude drawing device, i started to get re-infactuated with drawing for drawing’s sake. The problem though was that