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Petra Lottje

I started to draw in form of one line at a stretch during my studies, exploring “l’écriture automatique”, so called automatic writing. At that time I wrote a whole series of texts without punctuation marks and capital letters, and I

Alex Bodea

Yes, my visual notes are a contemporary creation. Similar to the snapshots shared on social media, they can be easily placed online. There are many ways of showing my visual notes. Being of small format, they fit into one’s hand

Peter Radelfinger

The rough, the banal, and the mundane always attracted me. It makes me happy that animations fuel the funny and comical aspects. These animations arise from an abundance of notes and small drawings.

Katrin Ströbel

To travel is a really important part of my work, because I like sometimes to be displaced in order to develop my work under different, unstable and temporary conditions. I also like to question my work – or rather the