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Nicole Wendel

Both, the drawing and the film documentary complement each other in the installation, while I regard the performance basically as the actual work of art. In my performances I deal with the living, with the vulnerable, and finally with the

Sandra Boeschenstein

Yes, the drift of meaning is central. Therefore drawing in its medial pureness is most suitable. Lines exist without ballast and they are versatile, changing the system without rupture is their strength. From the same stroke I can form binoculars

Miodrag Manojlovic

My animations don’t contain any predefined message. I rather include the visitors to actively participate in the experience and interpretation. Although I have an idea of what I work on, I still don’t want my animation to develop into one

Gagan Singh

For the beginning of 2014 presenting a drawing performance from New Delhi, India I saw conflict, I always saw conflict in sitting in my studio and drawing as something boring. Now what this boring is, could again be opened up

Manon Bovenkerk

I love scienc fiction, western, horror, giallo, “low art” media with their own pictorial and conceptual conventions – their images, symbols, themes and myths. There is a darkness there, a feeling of threat and anxiety. The cartoon animations that you

Matthias Reinhold

Matthias Reinhold (with his interactive presentation he reminds of the “Mnemosyne-Atlas” by Aby Warburg): Let´s take the chicken again. Clicking on one of the feathers you could call up a landscape painting. Clicking on another one you would get a

Sebastian Pöllmann

I am strongly fascinated by puppet theatre because I grew up with my parents’ marionette theatre. My work is therefore mainly based on storytelling and creating new worlds you can immerse yourself. Drawn figures or clay sculptures are more or

Bettina Munk

The concept is based on chance in an artistic tradition of John Cage. I am very fond of his conception of art and compostion. His ideas refer to the I Ging and Eastern philosophy, while my work is inspired by

Monika Bartholomé

May be it was not as much the medium film itself that interested me, but the question how does a drawing evolve, how do I start, how do I find my theme, how do I set in motion what I

Matthias Beckmann

I wanted to make a film without a plan – without any cuts – just starting, being surprised by the direction the lines and the action will take. Another idea was to draw only things from life without any help