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Serena Ferrario

Everything I have done and which films are in my archive is stored in me – sometimes I go through sketchbooks and suddenly find an older approach exciting again and try to relate it to current approaches. If then, to

Nikolaus Gansterer

I experience my artworks more like communicating vessels. There is a lively exchange between the installations, the sketches and performances, my drawings, whether large or small, the animated films or even the writing of a text, animating each other. Each

Nicole Wendel

Both, the drawing and the film documentary complement each other in the installation, while I regard the performance basically as the actual work of art. In my performances I deal with the living, with the vulnerable, and finally with the

Simona Koch

In my experience scientists indeed can be interested in an exchange with artists. Both fields are very different and can inspire each other. Scientist are working within a framework of rules and have to proof the hypothesis they make up

Daniela Ehemann

Animation for me is another time capsula, in reference to video or film as time based media. Similar to my drawings on paper, the line develops step by step into space, trying to gain reality. Reality, in this case, is

Gabriela Oberkofler

Yes I would say my artistic concept of “going local” is rooted in my biography. You have to imagine that I grew up in an atmosphere of nature as a great spectacle in the middle of the Dolomite Alps, being

Matthias Reinhold

Matthias Reinhold (with his interactive presentation he reminds of the “Mnemosyne-Atlas” by Aby Warburg): Let´s take the chicken again. Clicking on one of the feathers you could call up a landscape painting. Clicking on another one you would get a

Susanne Rosin

February 2013 @ Lines Fiction online: Susanne Rosin

Norbert Trummer

Presenting my drawings in a book gives me the possibility to reach more people with my work, it got a democratic aspect. Anybody who likes that stuff can easily buy such a book. One can take the whole project home

Kakyoung Lee

As a printmaker, drypoint is my favorite medium. I have studied printmaking since 1993. I have had numerous shows with lots of prints and drawings, including from traditional prints to life size installations using cutout prints, artist books, and even