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Nikolaus Gansterer

I experience my artworks more like communicating vessels. There is a lively exchange between the installations, the sketches and performances, my drawings, whether large or small, the animated films or even the writing of a text, animating each other. Each

Nicole Wendel

Both, the drawing and the film documentary complement each other in the installation, while I regard the performance basically as the actual work of art. In my performances I deal with the living, with the vulnerable, and finally with the

Alex Bodea

Yes, my visual notes are a contemporary creation. Similar to the snapshots shared on social media, they can be easily placed online. There are many ways of showing my visual notes. Being of small format, they fit into one’s hand

Gagan Singh

For the beginning of 2014 presenting a drawing performance from New Delhi, India I saw conflict, I always saw conflict in sitting in my studio and drawing as something boring. Now what this boring is, could again be opened up

Katharina Meldner

In the movie the ants represent lines and dots of a drawing. In my drawings they are present through my following their traces with the pen. In a single shot of 29 minutes (full length original) the movie shows the

Monika Bartholomé

May be it was not as much the medium film itself that interested me, but the question how does a drawing evolve, how do I start, how do I find my theme, how do I set in motion what I