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Serena Ferrario

Everything I have done and which films are in my archive is stored in me – sometimes I go through sketchbooks and suddenly find an older approach exciting again and try to relate it to current approaches. If then, to

Jakob Kirchheim

Jakob Kirchheim: The first Lino film was created in 1987, my last year at the academy of arts in Berlin where I studied painting. I experimented a lot with Super 8 mm, I wanted to mount my paintings together with

Petra Lottje

I started to draw in form of one line at a stretch during my studies, exploring “l’écriture automatique”, so called automatic writing. At that time I wrote a whole series of texts without punctuation marks and capital letters, and I

Hanna Nitsch

For some years now I’m interested in emotional interpersonal conditions that I try to transform into pictures, but I also deal with emotional conditions contained in certain imagery. In my opinion, drawing is the best artistic medium to explore this

Kristinn Hardarsson

My work in general have a tendency towards the handmade; more so unconsciously I believe. This particular work, The Fox, is constructed with the form of children’s books in mind and the story is even in some way not far

Chris Doyle

Watercolor has always been the way that I have worked out ideas. And I have always liked making them very large. It is a way of drawing that we think of as delicate and intimate, which I think in part

David Mackintosh

I make all of my work very quickly, each drawing is made in seconds. I make a lot on A1 paper each time I work, and throw the bad ones away. The drawings that work best are those that have

Sandra Boeschenstein

Yes, the drift of meaning is central. Therefore drawing in its medial pureness is most suitable. Lines exist without ballast and they are versatile, changing the system without rupture is their strength. From the same stroke I can form binoculars

Miodrag Manojlovic

My animations don’t contain any predefined message. I rather include the visitors to actively participate in the experience and interpretation. Although I have an idea of what I work on, I still don’t want my animation to develop into one

Juliane Ebner

I was lucky to see the decline of the suppressing social order that was strong when I was born. And to this day this downfall for me is a great and formative experience that doesn’t lose its power and attraction.