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Tina Haber

Even though being animations, I regard these moving pictures as images in the tradition of domestic interiors in painting. By showing a certain perspective, and by presenting basic commodities, an idea of every day life becomes visible, although the space

Chris Doyle

Watercolor has always been the way that I have worked out ideas. And I have always liked making them very large. It is a way of drawing that we think of as delicate and intimate, which I think in part

Carolin Jörg and Michael Fragstein

together developed the project “Second Glance”: Drawing and Augmented Reality We previously made first drafts and animation concepts to find the shape that could stand on paper, as well as offering new levels for the animation. The working practice was

David Mackintosh

I make all of my work very quickly, each drawing is made in seconds. I make a lot on A1 paper each time I work, and throw the bad ones away. The drawings that work best are those that have

Juliane Ebner

I was lucky to see the decline of the suppressing social order that was strong when I was born. And to this day this downfall for me is a great and formative experience that doesn’t lose its power and attraction.

Gabriela Oberkofler

Yes I would say my artistic concept of “going local” is rooted in my biography. You have to imagine that I grew up in an atmosphere of nature as a great spectacle in the middle of the Dolomite Alps, being

Bettina Munk

The concept is based on chance in an artistic tradition of John Cage. I am very fond of his conception of art and compostion. His ideas refer to the I Ging and Eastern philosophy, while my work is inspired by

Monika Bartholomé

May be it was not as much the medium film itself that interested me, but the question how does a drawing evolve, how do I start, how do I find my theme, how do I set in motion what I