Eelco Brand - Lines Fiction ★ Drawing & Animation ★

Lines Fiction: You develop your 3D- animations exclusively in the computer. Do you make drawings beforehand or even after you finished a clip?
Eelco Brand: Mostly I make some small sketches before and during working on an animation. As not to forget things and a bit of technical figuring out how to construct. But a lot of sketching is not drawing but within the modelling software when rendering small animated pieces to check out movements.

Lines Fiction: Are drawings part of your art work or are they solely material to visualize the movie in the making?
Eelco Brand: Besides the sketches for animation works I now and then make pencil drawings as autonomous works. I started as a painter and during all these years of working on computers I somehow miss the real handwork and look for ways how to introduce paint back in my work.

Lines Fiction: You show your animations as autonomous pieces, looping on a wall-mounted flatscreen. As an artist working with a digital medium, where do you see your traditions and role models?
Eelco Brand: I think mainly in the history of painting. The digital animations I make are more connected to painting than to filmmaking. They can be seen as moving paintings. Just one scene without beginning or end and no storytelling. Constructed layer over layer as a painting within the square of an image border.
But I also find it interesting to visit, for instance Vimeo channels, to see what animators around the world are doing with 3D animation techniques.