Volker Saul

Lines Fiction: Your drawings and silhouettes oscillate between amorph organic forms and geometric shapes, not only on paper but also as installations directly on the wall. Where do you see your influences and your focus – in abstraction as a distant memory of the real or rather in the tradition of hard edge painting as the non-representational?

Volker Saul: my work moves towards realities, and dissociates itself again from the figurative. Some drawings reflect both, microcosm and macrocosm. There are influences of comics or badges, signs, and emoticons.

Lines Fiction: Recently you present your drawings together with animations that appear as a long string of moving images. How do you see your animations in relation to your drawings? Do they tell a story?

Volker Saul: The animations are compiled drawings. The animation “abgefahren” consists of 5 layers that move in different speed. The imagery emerges in the animation by chance, I find that very interesting. I choose stills from the animation that later become models for new silhouettes in my work. In the installation that I presented in the Leopold Hoesch Museum in Düren, the screen was located in the center of the wall painting that originated as a shape from such a still. The result is a looping relation between drawings that become an animation from which emerge wall paintings, and vice versa.